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5 Pro Tips to Get Outdoors (Without Breaking the Bank)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Getting into the outdoors is an incredible experience that everyone should have. However, the sticker price of new gear can make outdoor adventures seem daunting and out of reach. Here are some of our tips for beginners to get outside on a budget!

Hiking in the La Plata Mountains
Photo courtesy of Marina Neal

Camping in Colorado
Photo courtesy of Marina Neal

1. Use the gear you already have.

The idea that you need fancy, high-tech gear is false. Unless you are looking to tackle highly technical trails, you can hike just as well in old leggings and running shoes as in brand new REI hiking boots. If you are camping, you don’t need a speckled mug and $40 titanium spork, a regular pot and pan from your kitchen work just as well. A state of the art rain pack cover can easily be swapped for a trash bag and a cheap poncho for your body. This first step to getting outside is to just do it.

2. Camp on public lands.

Public lands are a great way to get outside for cheap. Developed campgrounds are generally about $20-$40 dollars a night, but dispersed camping is free! If you want more info on how to find public lands to camp on for free, you can check out our blog post here. Getting into national parks is cheaper if you research fee-free days, or get the America the Beautiful pass. This pass is $80 and gives you unlimited access to national parks for a year, which are generally about $40 each to enter.

Camping in Indian Creek Wilderness
Photo courtesy of Marina Neal

3. Discover local hikes or adventures.

Going outdoors doesn’t have to be an intense expedition into the mountains. Start by going on a walk in your local arboretum, or spending some time in a county park. Doing a quick google search of hikes near you is a great way to find trails, and sources like AllTrails will give you all the information you need to get out there!

Girl smiling at the sky
Photo courtesy of Marina Neal

4. Join local groups.

From Facebook groups to climbing clubs, depending on where you live there are a lot of resources to get outside. Finding a community of fellow outdoors people is a great way to save money on gas, consolidate gear, and learn about new adventure spots! Facebook and MeetUp have lots of options for local groups and are a great place to start to find a community. Local climbing gyms have connections to community climbing clubs, there are often birdwatching tours of local natural areas, and more! Once again, do a little research on your area. There’s often more to find than you would think!

5. Buy used gear.

Brand new gear is shiny and all that, but do you really need it? Oftentimes, no. Used gear is a great resource to get outside for cheap, and it’s better for the planet! You can find pretty much anything you need for an outdoor adventure up to 80% off on sites like Requipper, or your local used gear shop!

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