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A Step-By-Step Guide to Listing (and Selling) Used Outdoor Gear Online

Do you have a bunch of old Patagonia fleeces sitting in the closet, just waiting for you to wear them again? Have you had an unused tent in the back of the garage for months? Whatever the gear is, you don’t have to hold on to it forever. It’s easy to sell it online, and we can help you do it! Plus, extending the lifecycle of your gear makes the outdoors more accessible and sustainable.

Photo courtesy of Nahla Gedeon Achi
Photo courtesy of Alexa Romano.

If you want to sell your gear quickly and efficiently, there are a few simple guidelines to follow.

Be realistic in your pricing.

Despite the fact you might have paid over $300 for your GTX rain jacket, if you’ve used it a few times, that value significantly decreases. Be realistic with yourself about how much you’ve used your gear, the state that it is in, and what people will pay.

If the item hasn’t sold after a few weeks, drop the price to help it move! Or, encourage people to make an offer in your item description.

Take multiple high-quality photos!

Based on our research, items with original photos (vs. stock pictures) are 3x more likely to sell! A high-quality image is very important to the selling of an item. This doesn’t mean you have to take it on a professional camera, a smartphone camera can work great! Make sure the room is well lit, the item you wish to sell is displayed well, and that you can clearly see the entire item.

Include detailed shots of things like zippers, pockets, any flaws or stains. This way the buyer knows exactly what they are getting. Photos make people feel more comfortable with online purchases. Get shots of the front, back, logo, tag, and any other details.

For clothing items, we recommend laying them on a flat surface and taking photos of the front and the back. If selling a tent, add any photos you have of it set up, or at least its components. Make sure to check whether it is missing any stakes or poles. If selling skis, we recommend taking close-up photos of the bindings, edges, and bases. For all other gear, the more detailed shots the better!

Repair any problems or be clear about what’s wrong.

Photo courtesy of Marina Neal

If you have serious issues with the gear, like a missing zipper or pump that doesn’t work, either repair these issues or be clear about what’s wrong. Repairing issues will significantly increase the amount of money you can make from a piece of gear, but if you don’t have time for that, be very clear about what doesn’t work. As a buyer, it’s good to shop for used gear on a platform that can protect from misrepresented items, like Requipper.

Share your item’s story.

Where have you taken your gear? How did it work for you? Why are you selling it? Did it keep you dry during an amazing thunderstorm in the Sierras? Did it hold up during intense winds on an exposed ridge? The more detail the better!

How has it been stored? Cool, dry places / no pets / non-smoking are all good things to specify if true. If your item is filled with down, make sure to let the buyer know if it has been stored uncompressed, otherwise the warmth factor may be sacrificed.

Include all relevant item-specific information.

We recommend sharing a link to a review of your item so the buyer can get a great idea of your item’s strengths. Pull out a paragraph from a review site in your item description and link to the rest!

For gear, make sure to include the weight and dimensions of your item. Below are a few key questions to answer for specific pieces of gear.

Check out the following example listing for great photos, complete information, and a review excerpt!

Pick the right platform.

Once you are prepared with these steps finished, it’s time to find a spot to sell your gear. Requipper is a great platform for this, as our 7% cut is significantly less than what many other platforms take.

To sell on Requipper, first, create an account.

Include your name and a photo, as well as anything you’d want people to see about you in a bio. Next, go to sell gear. Include clear photos and a great description.

Once someone buys the gear, you’ll receive a message about it. From there, the two of you can coordinate shipping or local pickup. Once the buyer receives your gear, boom! Get paid! The Iron Lotus Guarantee ensures buyer and seller protection!

Requipper is a safe and effective way to make your sales, clear out your closet, and help the planet.

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