• Good Team at Switchbackr

Meet The Good Team at Requipper.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Getting down and diggity with the founders of Requipper Worldwide.

sasha and alex

G'day. This is Sasha and Alex, the foolish masterminds behind the extremely serious company called Requipper Worldwide, Inc. We are two Stanford seniors who jointly comprise The Good Team at Requipper (or "TGTR" for short). In this inaugural blog post, we wanted to introduce ourselves and explain a little more about who we are and why we're starting what has been hailed by us as the "next Amazon."

Our Story

sasha and alex surf

On a balmy spring day in the year two-thousand-eighteen, two Stanford sophomores, Sasha Landauer and Alex Friedman, embarked on an adventure of epic proportions: a surf trip to the tempestuous waters of Half Moon Bay. Neither person knew how to surf, nor did they know each other particularly well. But out of the crucible of the swirling, roiling laundry machine currents of Linda Mar Beach, a friendship was born. Since then, Sasha and Alex have been the best of friends, bound by their shared love for the outdoors and generally sending it to the max.

Why start Requipper?

After spending their summers before senior year toiling away for finance firms, Sasha and Alex realized there must be a better way to make a living and have fun too. Putting their heads together, they conjured up the idea for an online marketplace to buy and sell outdoor gear. "What better and 'more funner' way to make a living," they thought, "than to help people affordably and sustainably get outdoors?" Thus Switchbackr was born!

Recently, Sasha and Alex decided to forsake college altogether and go full time, full scorpion on their beloved brainchild. Having moved to the great state of Utah, the pair is fired up and stoked to the core for what lies ahead.



Alex "Friedman" Friedman is a Caliphurnia native who grew up a whopping two miles away from Stanford University. He spent his tender years going on ridiculously under-planned and poorly executed backpacking trips with his buddies. In order to continue this time-honored tradition at college, he joined the one and only Stanfurd Ski Team. He had only skied a couple times before in his life, but he quickly fell in love with the sport, for it was the perfect confluence of all the things he cherished in life: snow, speed, and recklessness. When he's not skiing, Alex loves cycling, trail running, and sailing.

Alex is an Applied Math and History major at Stanford and is Requipper's CEO. In his free time, Alex likes playing the guitar, taking film photos (hahaha hipster), and pioneering new dance moves, his masterwork being "The Avocado" which can only be broken out while September by Earth, Wind, and Fire is playing at the apogee of a party.

Sasha Landauer


Sasha "Sasha" Landauer grew up in the untamed wilderness of the Upper East Side, New York, New York. Subjected to the harshest of terrains and the most devastating of environments, namely the MTA subway system, Sasha quickly developed a yearning to connect with nature. Promptly after High School finished, Sasha went on a gap year, traveling to New Zealand, South America, and Europe. Her experience was so transformative that she decided to start GapYearly, a startup dedicated to providing high schoolers with helpful and immense gap year resources.

At Stanford, Sasha is a double major in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. Sasha is an avid climber, backpacker, and aspiring surfer. She's especially skilled in barefoot backpacking, a discipline of backpacking reserved for purists and people irresponsible enough to forget their hiking boots on trains. Sasha is Requipper's Chief Marketing Officer, and is fired up to begin sendvangelizing our soon-to-be Requipper-ers!