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Partnr Profile: Marshall of Moab Gear Trader

Anyone who has biked, rafted, climbed, or backpacked in Moab is likely to have visited the legendary local consignment shop. We sat down with owner Marshall Dvorscak to learn more about how he got started!

Moab Gear Trader
Photo courtesy of Marshall Dvorscak.

When did you become hooked on the outdoors?

Honestly, I’ve never known anything different and I can’t imagine my life without the outdoors. My parents raised me with weekly camping trips around our house in Cody, Wyoming. We would go to the forest with bikes, horses, and fishing poles. We had barbecues and did all sorts of activities on summer weekends–it was incredible.

What piece of gear have you owned the longest?

I actually still own a pair of Nike fleece pants that I got when I was a sophomore in high school! At least they’re still on my shelf, I just got new ones. I remember saving up because we didn’t have a whole lot of resources. They were my first pair of synthetic insulations instead of wearing jeans and cotton long johns. I worked event operations and safety consulting for the US ski team for about 15 years, and I’d go out five days a week in these pants so they definitely got a lot of use!

Why did you start Moab?

I was looking for a more stable job that didn’t involve as much traveling as I was growing my family in Moab, so Moab Gear Traders was born.

Moab Gear Trader
Baby Marshall! Photo courtesy of Marshall Dvorscak.

Why did you decide to go consignment?

Moab is a town that is still experiencing significant growth, and in that growth is opportunity. We brainstormed how to take advantage of that situation and I came up with the idea of a gear exchange. In 2014, we had one employee for the entire year and now we have 20-25 people on staff.

Moab is a really popular place, so eventually everyone in the vicinity visits. Seasons alternate to traditional outdoor seasons–the busiest time of year is spring and fall. Moab is just a great place to be and has become a hub for folks that recreate outdoors. Skiers take a break from skiing to go mountain biking, and bikers come to take a break and go rafting.

Moab Gear Trader
Photo courtesy of Moab Gear Trader

What were some of the greatest challenges of opening your store?

Honestly, nothing significant really stands out. Moving forward, the challenges are mainly staffing since it’s a resort town and really expensive to live here. Finding a location was probably the biggest challenge because real estate prices are so high, like a ski town.

What was the biggest surprise in opening the shop?

After a month of the shop being open, we knew it would work. A big reason it took off is simply the location, Moab is such a great place for this stuff. There’s lots of room for error because the demand is so high.

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