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Q&A With Ambassadr Tim Kang

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

We are beyond psyched to welcome Tim Kang to our ambassadr team! Tim hails from the Bay Area and has spent the last several years sending amazing climbs across the West Coast!

Tim Kang on "Too Big to Flail" (V10) in Bishop, CA.
Tim Kang on "Too Big to Flail" (V10) in Bishop, CA.

What are your outdoor activities?

If I go outdoors, I’m almost certainly on a climbing trip. Generally bouldering or sport climbing!

What’s the piece of gear you’ve owned the longest?

chalk bucket

Definitely my chalk bucket. Yes… it’s covered in blood.

What’s your favorite memory with it?

All the good old training days. The blood all comes from different places hahaha.

Where did you first fall in love with the outdoors?

Tim sending "Too Big to Flail" (V10).
Tim sending "Too Big to Flail" (V10).

I first went to Bishop, CA to boulder in the winter of 2014.

Bishop is special to me because it kind of became my home crag, despite it not being super local. I fell in love with Bishop not only because of its atmosphere and beautiful landscape, but the climbing constantly inspires me.

If you could change something about outdoor culture, what would it be?

Inclusion and awareness is always something our communities can work on. Inclusion is so important to me because the outdoors was shown to me by someone else. Ideally, anyone with any sort of experience or passion for the outdoors would share it with someone who hasn’t experienced it for themselves! Awareness of the locals you may be intruding on, possibly other groups around, or even the footprint you leave. I’d love to see acknowledgement for the outdoors as a space for experiences and not just a place that belongs to us.

All photos courtesy of Tim Kang.

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