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Switchbackr Announces Seed Investment Round with GoAhead VC

Today, we are SO STOKED to announce our inaugural round of seed funding with GoAhead VC. ‘Switchbackr Worldwide, Inc.’ is now a real company registered in Delaware, which is certainly the proudest moment of our lives and probably my mom’s too, ❤️Heech.

With GoAhead’s support, Switchbackr will be moving full turbo to develop its product and scale up its global marketing activities. The Good Team at Switchbackr also recently moved our worldwide headquarters from sunny California to the Promised Land (aka Salt Lake City, Utah). Since then, Switchbackr has forged its first two store partnerships, with The Gear Room SLC and Utah Whitewater Gear! So check out the site, because there will be some steezy deals on skis, jackets, and various kayak supplies!

Switchbackr is the best place to buy and sell outdoor gear on the worldwide internet. By creating a centralized place to buy and sell outdoor gear, we hope to make the outdoors more accessible and sustainable!


The Good Team at Switchbackr (Sasha and Alex)

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